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A barrier to participation, a legitimate excuse or an opportunity to discover something new?

Gyms have been closed for over 100 days. Owners and staff are working tirelessly to prepare for the moment people can return to exercise, socialise, play sport and be active under new conditions and procedures which will no doubt happen soon. If and when gyms do re-open it will be a positive thing for many businesses, employees and people having access to equipment, classes and training.

Will it change your approach to training and making progress?

Will you use your time there more effectively?

Will you follow plans and structured programmes which are challenging and progressive?

If you already do that then great. If you think you might then that's also great.

But most importantly why are you waiting when you can start that now?!

If keeping fit, healthy, active and enjoying exercise is your thing then i'm sure you haven't just been waiting! If it's not your thing then it should be! you are responsible for your own physical wellbeing.

If you're not making the progress you want then a re-evaluation of your goals, the methods of achieving them and the structure you are following is needed. This is true whether you are training in a gym, at home or just following some basic activity and nutrition advice you may have come across.

My honest advice is to stop looking back at what 'things were like before' or trying to predict what will be 'the new norm' and focus on today (perhaps tomorrow and the rest of the week too!). A conversation costs nothing so get in touch to get some advice.

Personal Training, small group sessions, Live online fitness classes, on-demand videos, bespoke programming.

Having said all that, Covid-19 is a global pandemic and continues to affect lives in more ways than imaginable. Don't be too hard on yourself just try to use your time wisely and exercise for the right reasons with the right goals for you at this time.

Keep moving forwards.

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