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Personal Training



45-60min sessions: £40
4 sessions: £155
8 sessions: £310

Train with a friend:
£25 pp per session


Whether you're lacking a little motivation, need help getting the most out of your valuable time, or ready to see what you can really achieve...then let's get started!Personal Training offers a great opportunity to re-evaluate goals, structure your plans and monitor progress.


1:1 sessions in a private studio setting

Tailored exercise programming





Get in touch to arrange a no-obligation discussion to see how fitness training can  be made personal to you.


Emma James

Tom’s professionalism, extensive knowledge and commitment have motivated me to reach my goals. Personal and encouraging, I would recommend anyone looking for a PT to look no further!

burkey pic.jpg

Steve Burke

I have trained with Tom for several years and benefited from  a varied focus during sessions and plans.  From general fitness to ski specific strength and injury/surgery rehab. You don’t know what you are capable of until you train with Tom.


Carla Howarth

I have known Tom for over 10 years and he has transformed my approach to health and fitness. His knowledge and enthusiasm around training and lifestyle choices is top class.

Motivation is the key and whether in PT sessions or specialist classes, Tom finds that extra something that not only gets you through but makes you eager for the next session.

I couldn't Recommend Tom more highly. 

Kat PT_edited.jpg

Kat Stanworth

Tom's guidance and expertise have helped me to completely transform both physically and mentally whilst enabling me to change bad habits.

He has a  personal and caring approach, sessions are enjoyable and have adapted to help weight loss, general fitness and event prep including half marathons and championship boxing.


Angela Fillipi

I started PT with Tom initially to recover from knee surgery. He quickly transformed my whole outlook towards staying healthy.


Keeping fit is now a way of life for my whole family. I am well into my forties and I have never felt better!

Will vine PT_edited.jpg

Will Vine

I have trained with Tom for the last two years and have achieved a greater level of strength & fitness. Sessions are varied, challenging and we have a good laugh too!

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