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Lockdown Wellbeing

The last three weeks has given me the opportunity to open up to and engage with some interesting and inspirational people connected with Wellbeing Festival. Virtual meetings over Instagram live have proved to be a perfect platform for free flowing conversations about physical, mental and emotional wellbeing at one of the most uncertain times of our generation so far.

Wellbeing Wednesdays on Instagram

What Is wellbeing?

The word and the meaning can be different for everyone. From my conversations however it’s is clear that there is a common theme of understanding and recognising the importance of self preservation by whatever means suits you.

Jono Selvadurai, a leading trainer in London’s boutique fitness sector shared some insights into his own motivation during this period and a fresh approach to using this time to try something new. I share his passion for exercise, training and being the best version of yourself. In the same breath I also agree that perhaps this is not the time to put pressure on ourselves to achieve great things. Run for the feeling you get from that run itself. Escaping, enjoying the movement and the endorphins releasing from physical exertion regardless of the duration, Intensity or destination. Being socially distant does not mean being disconnected. Find something or someone who inspires you to have positivity in the face of adversity and don’t be afraid to try something new.

Ben Mayho is a wild craftist (kind of does what it says in the title!). He creates incredible sculptures, willow art and baskets, whilst promoting the links between mental health, wellbeing and his craft. Something I have never done and honestly haven’t considered doing as a hobby or pastime! Having said that, this was a very interesting chat and the methods and processes involved are immediately relatable to everyday life and how they can help combat stress, anxiety and improve mental health and mood.

“Focus on the now...take time to immerse yourself into something...reconnect with nature and be creative“

Most of all from this I took the idea that there is no judgement here. We are not being tested and you can’t get it wrong! Being creative can mean anything you are engaging with and that is the key, allowing yourself to be fully immersed in the process and enjoy it. The simple slowing down of the mind, narrowing and focussing of thoughts into a task away from the norm has great benefits for mental relaxation and clarity.

Cat Merrick brought a breath of fresh air (and some dance & yoga!) to Wellbeing Wednesday. Cat has an approach to her work, clients and people she reaches out to which engages, energises and empowers them to live active and healthy lifestyles. We discussed a number of ideas which we both follow on a personal level such as basic breath work and meditation for physical wellness and mental clarity, the regular use of cold submersion treatment (or at least cold showers) and a common love for Yorkshire tea!

Cat is a great advocate of connecting breath and movement through her daily practice and the sessions she delivers.

“Your body is an amazing can move in incredible doesn’t cost anything to breath!”

Yoga really is for everyone and similar sentiments from my other discussions arose that this is a great time to try something new without judgement. Staying connected with existing clients and new starters via social media platforms and virtual Instruction offers a great opportunity to spread the word even more.

Cat’s Yoga Vibes is a unique twist on traditional yoga with elements of dance and a great ‘house music‘ soundtrack. Look out for a Yoga Vibes grand closing to Wellbeing Festival!

Every Wednesday on Instagram live I’ll be chatting to some more experts including, Psychologists, Nutritionists, Youth Organisation and social care specialists.

Discover what Wellbeing means to you.

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