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Make working out at home work out for you.

The acceleration of online training and readily available workouts has been rapid in the last few weeks. It is by no means a new idea to have the accessible workouts on TV or online, nor is having a generic programme adjusted for it to suit your goals giving you a framework and motivation.

However, I see the immediate short-term changes that have been forced upon us will in fact help to shape the future of our relationship with exercise. In many ways some traditional ‘barriers’ to exercise have been broken down for many people. Time restraints, work and social commitments, accessibility of facilities and cost are not all key factors for everyone, whilst more so than ever the overriding importance and benefits of the exercise itself remain the same.

More and more people are utilising time allowed away from the confides of their homes to embark upon physical activity in the great outdoors. Benefiting from the physical exertion, mental stimulation and associated endorphin release for an easy to achieve feel good factor and sense of wellbeing.

In terms of traditional face to face personal training and group exercise, yes things have changed but they are ‘virtually’ the same! People are exercising at home, in gardens, in front of TV’s, tablets and phones with little or no gym equipment at all. Many motivated to do so for the first time, many missing the connection to gyms and trainers but perhaps also reassessing their routines and exercise habits.

If you are motivated by watching someone workout and tell you what they are doing then there's an abundance of free and paid for content available. We are not just restricted to Mr Motivator or a Davina DVD's anymore, ironically both are currently putting out loads of fitness content (I'm more of a Davina fan if i'm honest!) but that's the whole point, it's about choice and preference. If you are missing the connection, instruction, camaraderie, competition and social engagement of the gym or classes then fear not there is an answer.

Here's a few simple questions you should be asking yourself first:

What are your goals?

What do you actually want from doing the exercise?

What are you getting from the training platform you are using?

What are you missing?

Or perhaps what aren’t you missing?

Was your trainer counting the reps, or making the reps count?!

As a Personal Trainer and fitness coach it is a great time to stand out and stand up for what I believe in. Quality over quantity and keeping things personal. I started 2020 by offering some simple free Instagram 20 minute workout ideas once a week which will now continue beyond the 20 planned workouts with more of a focus on simple home workout ideas.

Continuing to engage with clients via video call check-ups and training sessions has proved to be invaluable and helped maintain the personal service they expect and value.

Collaborating with another dedicated and focused trainer (Sam Heenan) has enabled me to find the balance between the need to generate business at a difficult time for everyone with a genuine passion and dedication towards offering quality coached sessions.

The birth of MEE & HEE 33 minute workouts has been a great thing to come from lockdown. Delivered Live via Zoom call enables us to interact before, during and after sessions adding the quality and familiarity of service people deserve.

So what are the best exercise sessions online for you to follow? Honestly…the ones that motivate and engage you (as long as they are safe/suitable).

How do you choose a PT or trainer?

Recommended and trusted with the communication and skills to make it personal.

Advice is generic, but a conversation is personal. Take the time to get in touch.

Is this the new norm?!

I believe this will add a new dimension to the way people think about their physical training and empower them to take control of their future health & wellbeing. With more available at our fingertips and a mental reset that simple activity and movement is the key to sustainable health and fitness, this could be the start of a fitness revolution or revelation for many.

Those who seek personal advice, guidance, accountability and to 'keep it personal' will continue to do so and reap the rewards.

Discover who you are and remember there's no such thing as normal!

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